Rosewood Miramar Beach teams up with French skin care executive to deliver unique rituals


Evidence of beauty

When it slung open its doors nine months ago, Rosewood Miramar Beach revitalized a resort that stopped operating almost two decades ago.

However, that’s not the only revitalization going on at Rosewood. Through a collaboration with a French skin care line, Rosewood seems to be helping guests revitalize their skin.

Evidens de Beaute is the first anti-aging skin care line made for all skin types including sensitive skin.

“Which means that not only do we deliver anti-aging results, at the same time, we can protect even the most sensitive skin,” said Evidens de Beaute’s founder and CEO Charles-Edouard Barthes.

Mr. Barthes, a native of France, worked in couture before entering the skin care industry. When his wife Eriko Nakamura’s sensitive skin reacted badly to existing anti-aging products, however, he could not stand by and do nothing.

“I was actually scared for her,” said Mr. Barthes.

Fast forward 15 years, and Mr. Barthes now leads a skin care brand that operates out of more than 25 countries including Poland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates. China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and Thailand are the top consumers, Mr. Barthes said.

Marketing, though, does not seem to be high on the list for the skin care line.

“We don’t spend too much in marketing, but we make sure that everything inside the product is so that the customer can get the result,” said Mr. Barthes. “We make sure that we do not lie to our customers. We never say that you will be 20 years younger, because unfortunately, so far, it’s impossible.”

Even if it were possible, to be wrinkle free is not how Mr. Barthes defines beauty.

“I do not believe that the beauty of a woman is defined by one wrinkle here or there. I think that the beauty of a woman is defined by the confidence she has in herself,” he said.

Tucked away in the upstairs level of Rosewood is Sense, a Rosewood Spa, which is helping visitors find that confidence. Among the other treatments and sessions available at Sense is a collection of Evidens de Beaute rituals, which can cost up to about $450.

The star ingredients of Evidens de Beaute products are the three types of collagen: the micro collagen, the medium collagen, and the macro collagen, which have been developed biotechnologically from molecular collagen extracted from salmon.

“We are the first that has three different sizes, where two sizes of the molecular collagen we have are able to penetrate and actually go in the mid layer of skin and redensify the skin,” promoting suppleness and firmness, said Mr. Barthes.

According to the company’s website, the macro collagen “hydrates the outer skin surface by creating a protective and moisturizing film,” the medium collagen “captures and seals water in, to provide skin with optimal nourishment,” and micro collagen “penetrates deep into the skin to encourage cellular regeneration.”

Understanding the products plays a key role, which is why Evidens de Beaute specialists are trained to be able to assist customers. There is also an online consultant available on the company’s site, though Mr. Barthes added that the service operates based on France’s time zone. Sense specialists also have received this training, according to Mr. Barthes.

“Our team was here to do the training in February,” he said.

Mr. Barthes is conscious about where he takes his company, and being everywhere without meeting customers’ needs is not going to cut it for the skin care executive.

“We want to be where we’re going to be able to deliver the service to the customer,” said Mr. Barthes. “It’s almost important as the product itself.”Spa services incorporating Evidens de Beaute can be enjoyed at the company’s Paris boutique and Sense. For more information about the Evidens de Beaute rituals offered at Rosewood, visit

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