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Why you should swap Botox for Hibiscus and other natural ageing alternatives 

On the run up to her 50th birthday, Charlotte Vøhtz noticed her skin was changing. ‘When you’re a child, skin renewal takes place every three to five days,’ she says. ‘But when you get into your 50s, it takes two to three months. Even if you apply the most amazing expensive cream, it’s going on […]

Fall skincare routine for college students – The Hornet

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be expensive. By using just a few basic products based on your skin type, you can keep your skin in tip-top shape with the changing seasons by visiting your local drugstore. Being a student can be time consuming. Juggling responsibilities between school, work and your personal life […]

I Have Sensitive Skin and Rosacea—Here Are 4 Simple Ways I Keep My Skin Happy

Hi there, you may know me as SELF’s beauty editor—and, maybe, as someone who has sensitive skin. I also have rosacea, tons of weird food allergies, and am just generally wary of Cool New Things and the concept of Having Fun. But, as a beauty editor and beauty enthusiast, I have both professional and personal […]

Why Do Parents Keep Hearing About the Microbiome?

ImageCreditAriel Davis Our bodies house an extraordinarily vast collection of bacteria and other microorganisms — so many, in fact, that scientists now estimate there may be just as many bacteria in our bodies as human cells. They thrive on the skin, where they might help protect it from infection, and in areas like the intestinal […]

Dr. Jart+ CicaPair Tiger Grass Cream Review: skin-care trick for redness

Dr. Jart+ Color-correcting is a common makeup trick that uses principles from the color wheel to help balance out discoloration like redness, sallowness, and more. The mint-green color in Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 ($49.95 on Amazon) helps neutralize redness on my cheeks and around my nose so well that I […]

So Yaya Skincare creates simple products for all skin types | Entertainment

LSU alumna Rachel Laymoun noticed a need for simple and effective skincare in the beauty industry, so she decided to fill it. The idea of creating her own skincare came from Laymoun’s personal experience and skincare struggles during the pregnancy of her daughter, Arya. She couldn’t afford many of the gentler and simpler skincare products […]

Asking ‘should I go to the dermatologist?’ Here’s how to know

When it comes to skin-care advice—which, as a beauty editor, I tend to dish out a lot—“go to the dermatologist” is the tip you’ll hear most often. And while dermatologists can undoubtedly help with pretty much any and every skin, hair, and nail concern you could ever possibly have, it may not always be necessary to […]